How to Get '70s Bangs

Hairdresser Celso Kamura offers tips on nailing the retro '70s hairstyle that is taking over 2021.
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New year, new hair! As you settle into 2021, it's natural to want to adopt a hairstyle that offers an outward reflection of your inner change. In fashion, many are leaning more into '70s aesthetics, which has bled over into the beauty realm as well. The Farrah, a hairstyle named after '70s actress Farrah Fawcett who popularlized the look, has made a come back in recent months, marked by voluminous soft curls and fringed curtain bangs.

“It's a fringe that I love. This '70s style, longer and lighter in the center of the bangs," reveals hairdresser Celso Kamura. If you are thinking of adopting this cut, the expert reveals the necessary tips to incorporate it in your look. "The ideal hair for this type of fringe is hair with some volume on the top of the head. If not, the fringe will be narrow and will not have the same effect."

Although the look seems uncomplicated and easy to create, Kamura reveals that it's not recommended to try doing the cut at home "because it can get heavy." He explains, "I always divide this area of the bangs into a 'T,' leaving the center at the level of the eyebrows and the frayed sides along the face. In the center, I give a slight frayed length so that it falls more smoothly on the face."

If you're worried the trend won't harmonize with your hair texture or shape, according to Kamura, "it's suitable for all types of hair, from straight to curly. All you need to style the look is a hairdryer." For straight hair, he recommends a leave-in anti-frizz spray to give a better trim. As for the curly girls, Kamura suggests using a curl activator and drying, either naturally or with a diffuser, giving light bunching motions with his hands to get the curl pattern intact.

As a natural look, this fringe is more practical when it comes to daily styling. Kamura says, “Due to its shape and lightness, it has super versatile bangs. You can use it curly, wavy, super smooth, natural, brushed with volume, and even disappear with it if you split your hair aside. It's super charming for any occasion.”







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