Welcome to the new era of nutri-cosmetics

Holidermie relies on the innovative concept of nutri-cosmetics.
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Photography: Cécilia Poupon

What if the future of cosmetics lies in the combination of food supplements and skincare? This is the preface behind Melanie Huynh’s new range.

The fashion and beauty expert has just launched her first holistic brand, Holidermie, which targets the skin both internally and externally. 

A team of specialists assisted her in the realization of this ambitious project. The brand's medical director, Doctor Jérôme Paris, provided his nutritional expertise to the project. Meanwhile, the texture of the new cream was assisted by Violette, make-up artist and Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder. And for her subtle and unique olfactory signature, Melanie Huynh called on the creativity of perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, creator of the eponymous fragrance brand.

The range’s concentrated active ingredients (anti-free radical grape extract, antioxidant maritime pine bark extract and anti-inflammatory calendula) are reinforced through supplements loaded with vitamins, nutrients, as well as probiotics or prebiotics, depending on the specific needs of each individual.

The perfect way to support your skin this Fall/Winter.

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