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With Kylie Jenner kissing goodbye to lip fillers, we reveal the secret, no-needle treatment behind Hollywood’s most perfect pouts
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She’s no stranger to a nip or tuck here and there – but the recent news of Kylie Jenner’s decision to remove her lip fillers to achieve a more natural-looking pout came as something of a surprise to even the most hardened celeb-watchers.

But, like Kylie, many more of Hollywood’s elite are eschewing common injectables like botox and fillers, and plumping for more natural alternatives in a bid to, er, plump their pucker and fight back at the ageing process. And the most talked-about? Step forward, the Hollywood smile makeover – something that not only improves the teeth, but can actually make your lips look fuller too.

According to Dr Sofia Aravopouluou, an expert in Digital Smile Design at Dubai’s Euromed Clinic, revising the appearance of your smile can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your lips –  therefore transforming the entire face.

“Full, pillowy lips are commonly seen as a signifier of youth and health” says Dr. Sophia. “By shaping the teeth or adding to them with bonding or veneers, we can bring them out one to two millimetres, which in turn, puffs up the lips.” Adding “Veneers push your lips out further, so the dead space between your teeth and the corners of your mouth can be minimized, making a wider arch form and give you a broader, more youthful smile. Add this to the fact it increases the lip surface available for applying lipstick, a smile makeover is a two-in-one solution to getting both the perfect smile and the fuller lips you want, without the need for any injectibles.” 

So what exactly is a Hollywood Smile makeover? The innovative treatment uses Digital Smile Design, a technique which unifies science and art to create picture-perfect, healthy smiles for every single patient. “Although there are numerous treatments that offer the chance to upgrade your smile, Digital Smile Design is unique in its collaborative nature,” continues Dr Sofia. “It allows the patient to work with the expert, and have a definitive say in what their future smile will look like. It uses advanced software, and the classic beauty guidelines of Leonardo Da Vinci, to suggest teeth shapes that the patient and their dentist can perfect over several in-depth consultations.”

And it’s not a one-look-suits-all process. “The treatment plan will is as unique as your smile design, and will depend entirely on what has been decided in the initial consultations. It could be as simple as a single teeth-whitening session, or be a more involved combination of whitening, veneers, fillings, or crowns.”

Exceptionally, in the Hollywood Smile Makeover, even the gums are considered. “Thanks to pioneering technology, we use a safe laser-based procedure that removes melanin pigmentation that’s the cause of gum discolouration, leaving patients with healthy, pink gums, as well as great-looking teeth,” says Dr. Sofia. “And while you may not have constant paparazzi bulbs to deal with, and endless Red Carpet appearances to attend, there’s no reason you can’t have a perfect Hollywood smile.”

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