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all that remains is dream making - a letter from strangelove team
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Dear strangeloves,

This Valentine’s Day, we're lost in time, lost in romance, lost in flowers. We're musing on passion, madness, desire, rapture. We're reflecting on past lovers, whose features melt away and whose touches become lighter with time...yet whose memory can return with intensity once we hear a certain song—or smell a certain scent. We're thinking about the incense of love affairs past...and the promise of intriguing, intimate futures.
We're envisioning strange couplings at dusk, and even stranger encounters at dawn.
As we meditate on the power of scent to tempt, to beguile, to remember, and of course, to love, please enjoy our gift to you: 15% off all online orders through the end of February with the code madness.

Elizabeth and the strangelove team

What we are reading this Valentine's Day:

Tanaïs’ Transcendent Compositions: On Making Perfume and Writing Fiction

What we are listening to this Valentine's Day:

Strange by Celeste

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