Here's why we love Marc Jacobs' new Youthquake gel cream

Already praised by the international beauty fans for its inspired make-up creations, Marc Jacobs Beauty is entering the world of skincare with a first care: the Youthquake gel-cream.
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Tired of heavy creams with endless ingredient lists? Youthquake returns to the basics of skincare with a quartet of devilishly effective ingredients. In this ultra-moisturizing gel-cream, 5% hyaluronic acid, a hint of carambola extract and antioxidant dragon fruit, but above all 54% pineapple water with exceptional anti-ageing properties. Loaded with bromelain to eliminate dead cells, this component also effectively fights free radicals. Even better, it's also rich in vitamin C, the best ally of collagen and skin elasticity. Designed for normal to dry skin, it gently exfoliates dead skin cells and provides an energy boost for an unparalleled radiance.

The cream helps to smooth out uneven skin tone and plumps the skin with its fruit enzymes -a  magic formula used to obtain the incomparable glow of models during Maestro Marc Jacobs' fall-winter 2019 fashion show. Moisturizing, retexturizing and non-greasy, Youthquake is also the ideal base for long-lasting make-up. 


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