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The niche creative perfume brand - Histoire Olfactive Collective (HOC) - is a story not only about designer aromas, but also about their creators. The uniqueness of this trend lies in the fact that the best perfumers in the world “write” modern olfactory history with the help of new unique fragrances inspired by their own life.
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A fragrance with history - HOC Perfume
Masha Zanier, Founder of HOC

The founder of the brand, Masha Zanier, a Parisian with Georgian-Russian roots, came up with the HOC Histoire Olfactive Collective concept while still an MBA student, when she met with the leaders of the largest perfume companies in the world. She saw that in the multi-million dollar perfume industry, which launches a thousand new perfumes annually, there are only 150 perfumers and that the names of most of them are unknown to the general public.

HOC - Histoire Olfactive Collective - set out to change this state of affairs.


BAUHAUS Inspiration

In 2019, the legendary German Bauhaus school celebrated its 100th anniversary. Having reigned only 14 years, the movement managed to revolutionize the worlds of architecture and design on a global scale.

"Like a century ago, when the Bauhaus movement came together to create modern icons for a new society, we too have united a movement. It is called HOC and it stands for “Histoire Olfactive Collective” - fitting as we celebrate the perfumer. HOC is a movement of the world’s best perfumers, writing the olfactive history of today" - says Zanier.

The defining ambition of the Bauhaus school was to render the once exclusive milieu of the arts social and therefore accessible. Revolutionary design was intended to encourage new ways of life and societal change - that was the ultimate goal. "It is an inspiring raison d’être for HOC. In the same way the Bauhaus made art accessible, we make our master perfumers accessible to you."

Every year one of the perfumers will create history together with HOC, exploring a theme of their choosing: favourite places, books, people, films and beloved cities. This modern philosophy is encapsulated within an elegant bottle with a distinctive cap, which is an encrypted map of a city, sending its wearer on an individual journey.

Inspired by Russian constructivism and Bauhaus artists the design itself is one of Thierry de Baschmakoff hallmarks.
With a vibrantly-coloured adornment on its four outer sides, the bottle features an original engraving that tells the perfume’s story on the top of the magnetic wooden cap. Each fragrance is presented in a magnetized wooden box with a matte varnish finish bearing the HOC monogram.

London Narrated by Vincent Schaller

The first three fragrances of the collection were created by Vincent Schaller, a perfumer at the Swiss company Firmenich. During his 25-year career at Firmenich, he created more than 350 flavors and collaborated with such super brands as Le Labo, Max Mara, Paul Smith, Ferragamo, Rituals, etc. Vincent currently lives in London and in his joint venture with HOC he tried to capture and express in his perfume his personal feeling of London.

“I lived all over the world and started my new chapter in London over a year ago. Being new to the city I am discovering step by step the unique mixture of old and new, where traditions evolve without losing their authenticity. Inspired by its vibe and modern lifestyle, I created 3 HOC fragrances – trying to describe the city and show what’s the best in London – culture and people. HOC will show you when and where I would go in London and what are the essentials for those who enjoy life, are curious and appreciate the moment” - explains Schaller.

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The brand pays special attention to ecology. When creating perfumes and packaging, only natural ingredients and materials, beetroot perfume alcohol and no plastic are used.

Inspired by her passion for perfumes, Masha discovered overshadowed artists. Unconstrained by gender, HOC aims to bridge the gap between the artist, the industry and the consumer, introducing the artists that stand behind the creation of new olfactive experiences, allowing them to reveal their unique personalities. Like art communities in the past, HOC gives its talents the tools and the creative freedom to capture the world as they see it today.


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