Perfect Eid Brows with Benefit Cosmetics By Yara Ayoob

Eid Al Adha is right around the corner and you deserve to gift yourself one of the best brow days ever!
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I have the perfect super quick and gorgeous brow look for you to rock all Eid and beyond. Trust me, with the compliments you will be receiving, this will definitely be your new signature look!


Here are the three Go-To brow products you’ll need to easily achieve this look:

1596012528039841 gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel shade 41596012528075898 gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel swatch shade 4
Gimme Brow+ Volumising Brow Gel

Start off by getting those brows flirty and fluffy! Grab your Gimme Brow+ Volumising Brow Gel and brush your brows upwards from start to end. The bristles hold on to each and every brow hair and will tint them to perfection. Not only will this save time when the rest of your family are telling you to hurry up, but it will also give your brows a lovely and full look.


Next, use Precisely, My Brow Pencil to define those beauties! Begin by measuring out the end of your brows by placing the pencil from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eye and mark the area. Define your brows from start to end to get a sharper, sleeker look. To complete the look, flick some super fine hair-like strokes wherever you have gaps.

1596012597148312 high brow glow brow highlighter swatch1596012597193345 high brow glow brow highlighter
High Brow Glow Brow Pencil

Complete the look with some bling! Apply High Brow Glow Brow Pencil on your brow bone and blend with your fingers for a champagne-pink glow. The best part is, you can even blend it on your way out the door because of how creamy it is!


There you have it! A super quick and easy Eid Al Adha brow look that will have all your besties asking you for your brow secret.

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