Pick-Up Sticks Featuring Westman Atelier

Celebrities’ favorite makeup artist Gucci Westman has everything you need for a perfect look this summer.
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I haven’t played pick-up sticks for at least a decade—ok, I’m lying; more like 2 years—but I still know the rules: try and pick up the most sticks without disrupting the batch. In this case, the sticks are Westman Atelier’s gorgeously packaged (and travel-friendly) products, and the batch is your paycheck.

The clean beauty line features a foundation in 13 shades, highlight stick, 4 blush sticks (called baby cheeks!), and a contour stick. Aside from a stick-heavy product line, Westman also makes a compact tinted highlighter, and compact powder bronzer to write home about. 

The consciously crafted Vital Skin Foundation Stick is a desert-island product, in more ways than one: if I only had one product to live like Castaway on a desert island, I’d pick this foundation, and if I’m going on a desert island vacation, I’m definitely taking this with me. It somehow magically makes pores disappear, despite the absence of all silicones (a comedogenic ingredient used in many primers to give the appearance of porelessness). Stick foundations have a reputation of being dry; that couldn’t be further from the truth with this squalane-heavy product. Squalane is a vegetable-derived oil that mimics the body’s own sebum. It’s non-comedogenic and a life-saving ingredient for hydration and anyone dealing with fungal issues like eczema, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis.

PSA for all travelers: These are the best makeup products for your skin and your carry-on. Five, six – Pick-up sticks!

Westman Atelier products are available online, in Barney’s, and in select independent retailers.

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