Rubeus Milano launches its parfum line In The Middle East

The exquisite new collection is now available across the GCC
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Italian luxury brand, Rubeus Milano has launched its Tutti Frutti Rubeus Perfumes in the Middle East. The beautiful new range will be avaliable across the region in select retail outlets. 

The three perfumes in the new collection include Rubeus Vert, Rubeus Bleu and Rubeus Rouge, which according to the maison “represent three moods, three poems and three sensuous apparitions from three talented young perfumers.”

Here’s what they had to say about each of the perfumes in the new range: 

Rubeus Vert

"The sixth perfume in perfumer Jorge Fernandez’s career, Rubeus Vert flaunts a sweet and rich aroma of agarwood, tinted with notes of Damas rose and resinous amber. Its exquisite fragrance lingers on the skin, leaving an enchanting and seductive scent. Damas rose mingles with jasmine and a woody aroma in the top notes, while hints of oud, red wine and amber animal tones, combine with musk in its base notes."

Rubeus Blue

"The mood of Rubeus Blue by Quentin Bische is captured in an exquisite iris, enveloped in a vibrant puff of delicate powder and based on a skillfully created symphony of temperamental leathery notes. A graduate of Givaudan, since Quentin Bische became one of the firm’s perfumers and has created over 30 fragrances for renowned international luxury houses, among which, Rubeus Milano occupies a prominent place. A statement 'leather' aroma for both men and women, top notes of Rubeus Bleu mix citruses, iris and herbs; in the middle, floral shades and leather are sensed; and at its base, powdery, woody and animal notes."

Rubeus Rouge

"Rubeus Rouge transports you to a summer garden filled with aromas of blossoming sakura and roses intertwined with the flavour of berries. Top notes include champagne, black current and mandarin, with floral and fruity scents of pear, apricot and grapefruit in the middle, and a prominent rose, raspberry and vanilla base. The bottle design is conceived by Rubeus Milano’s Creative Director Nataliya Bondarenko, with input from French design bureau Atelier Dinand, who is well-known for his work on global labels including the likes of Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Hugo Boss and Yves Saint Laurent. Made from premium glass and replicating the shape of a falcon, the bottle references back to the brand’s iconic Mydas clutch, with its ruby clasp. Encased in an elegant wooden lacquer box with velvet lining, each scent corresponds to its colour."

Check out the collection in the gallery below: 


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