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Peter Thomsen, award-winning hair stylist and Dyson international ambassador discusses his haircare tips with L'Officiel Arabia
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As you juggle your multiple schedules from work, school and gym - and sometimes even your kids’ calendars! – you’re often left with little time to look after your hair and learn the necessary tricks to tame it. Throw social media into the mix and you have a different kind of ‘social’ pressure to constantly look one’s best and have a perfect mane all the time. 

Rest assured, things have rapidly changed in the beauty world and it's now not only socially acceptable to embrace your natural beauty – it is beyond cool. This is why it was a pleasure to visit Dubai this month to discuss the science behind hair, and how we can all own our hair type. We also got an exclusive look at the re-engineered attachments of the Dyson Supersonic, famous for its fast-drying and intelligent heat control technology that prevents extreme heat damage to protect shine, and how they work with your hair for that flawless ‘I woke up like this’ look. 

So, whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or coily, the first step to great hair is understanding what we are working with, and how each hair type is affected by heat and airflow:

  • Long, thick hair that frizzes up in humidity? By using the new Diffuser attachment with longer tips, you will style a larger hair area with great control. Air can penetrate deeper into the hair. Dyson has also added a new double-woven mesh layer inside the Diffuser to improve airflow. This creates a more even, less disrupted, airflow to reduce frizz so you can enjoy your natural hair shape in any weather. This is every UAE stylist’s best friend.


  • Got a long day ahead of you and you need a style that can last as long as you? Use the Styling concentrator, a super thin nozzle which jets the air in one direction and allows you to straighten the hair with a round brush. This attachment lets you achieve a precise airflow for more efficient styling so you can create bends or go super-sleek. Simply roll your hair up in a bun and straighten your bangs for that effortless chic Parisian look. Voila!  


  • Running late to a meeting with little time to tidy your hair? The Smoothing Nozzle is your best friend. Rough dry your hair with your fingers to create an amplified smooth look with volume at the roots and a bend at the ends. Not super slick, but smooth enough to play the part and nail that presentation. 


  • Does fine thin hair run in your family? Do you often struggle to quickly dry your daughter’s fine thin hair before the school drop-off? The Gentle air attachment provides a softer, more diffused airflow while still allowing fast drying. It does this by maintaining the same amount of energy as the hair dryer without an attachment through diffusing the air over a larger area. This reduces the focus, impact and heat on the scalp making it feel more comfortable. 


In addition, the attachment allows for styling much closer to the scalp - and the diffused airflow can help create volume and texture closer to the roots. So, while you dry your children’s hair without worrying about the temperature being too high, you can also give yourself some volume and own that school morning run. 


And if you want to maintain that new ‘ombre’ or ‘brond’ colour you’ve been rocking all summer then this is the attachment for you, as it offers benefits for hair colour. High heat can cause changes to the amino acid strands in your hair which can result in colour fade. By maintaining lower temperatures, the Gentle air attachment can help prevent this. 


  • Think your coily hair is untameable or destined to remain flat at the top? Think again. Straightening out coily hair needs a combination of heat, tension and controlled airflow. Engineered for curly and textured hair, the new Wide tooth comb attachment has strong teeth to help lengthen hair as it dries or creates volume and shape. 


Using the attachment to create tension, combined with the controlled airflow of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, we can stretch and smooth the natural hair pattern. However, those with coarser hair need more heat to style, so if your hair is on the coarser side, you might want to go over this with a flat iron to finish the sleek look. 


Going for the lovely natural look, simply run the new Wide tooth comb attachment from your crown upwards on low heat and medium velocity a few times until you get the desired look with lots of volume.

Finally, practice makes perfect. Dyson has created a series of useful, simple, and informative YouTube videos on its channel Dyson Hair that guides us on which heat and airflow settings work best, and how to get the most out of our natural hair through styling. 

Until next time Dubai, stay fabulous! 


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