The 15 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2020

Natural glows, new 'dos, heavy glam, and everything in between.
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Snow Dollkinson photographed by Quintin and Ron for L’OFFICIEL Australia Summer 2020.

In a year full of twists and turns, we've at least had skincare and makeup to turn to, whether it be for the comfort of routine or as an outlet for creativity. From scrolling through TikTok makeup challenges to reminiscing about years past, we've had ample inspiration for cultivating a new look. Here, L'OFFICIEL gathers the beauty trends that dominated 2020.

Heavy Blush

Some color on the cheeks can do wonders for looking more refreshed, and we've definitely been leaning heavier on blush this year. Emphasizing the cheeks adds some extra life to your look, whether it be with a few extra dabs of your favorite cream formula or contouring with blush.

Glossy Eyes

As gloss has been steadily replacing mattes in our go-to lip products, it has also made its way onto the eyes. Consider swapping out powder products with cream shadows and eye glosses as an alternative to glitter for achieving an eye-catching glow.

The Mullet

The rocker-favorite mullet went mainstream this year, with celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Euphoria star Barbie Ferriera sporting the '80s cut. For those that don't want to fully commit to the business in the front, party in the back look, longer shag versions on Taylor Swift and Halsey are just as cool.

Back-to-Basics Skincare

Delving into skincare has been a source of comfort in quarantine, but many are moving away from expensive products and complicated formulas. Natural ingredients like bakuchiol were added to the routines of celebrities like Hailey Bieber, and TikTok sensation Hyram Yarbro reignited a love for CeraVe that's cleared drugstore shelves of the brand.

Smoked-Out Eyeliner

While a sharp cat eye will never go out of style, the slept-in look of smudged, smoked out liner conveys the sexiness of quintessential '90s supermodel makeup.

The Euphoria Effect

Although Euphoria came out in 2019, the bold beauty looks sported by Zendaya and Hunter Schafer's characters inspired a TikTok trend that went viral this year. While waiting for new episodes to drop, many experimented with chunky glitters, neons, and graphic shapes.

Curtain Bangs

Seventies-inspired fashion has been ruling the runways, and the groovy look of the decade has taken over hair, too. Face-framing curtain bangs are a low-maintence option that don't come with an awkward grow-out phase.

Barely-There Makeup

Despite the experimentation, stay-at-home orders have definitely contributed to a more casual approach to makeup. The rise of new, fuss-free beauty brands like Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty and Bobbi Brown's Jones Road have confirmed a collective move towards simplicity.

Faux Freckles

Seen at New York Fashion Week and on a number of models and celebrities, faux freckles quickly caught on as an easy way to add a bit of personality to your look. Social media filters also helped popularize the trend, offering the ability to try on the speckles. For those that wanted a more lasting version, they turned to makeup. From using henna to create semi-permanent spots to the influx of products created specifically for the trend, it looks like faux freckles are here to stay.

Experimental Liner

As makeup lovers continue to explore more editorial looks, eyeliner lends itself as a mode of experimentation, from graphic shapes to playing with glitter and color.

Y2K Inspiration

In the same way 2000s nostalgia has brought back low-rise jeans and claw clips, Y2K makeup is also having its moment. Pastel blues and pinks are favored for eye looks, and Lancôme's relaunch of Juicy Tubes reignited the love for sparkly pink glosses.

Dolphin Skin

While we all wanted glass skin in years past, dolphin skin has surfaced as a new type of finish to covet. Coined by celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips, the technique involves layering on highlighter to create a reflective, hydrated glow.

Full Lashes

One of the easiest ways to pull your face together, full lashes—whether achieved with extensions, falsies, or a few swipes of mascara—have been key, especially as masks have put all the focus on the eyes.

Think Pink

While a drastic hair color change can feel high-stakes, thanks to more time spent at home, many felt compelled to try out pink locks this year. Kaia Gerber, Dua Lipa, and even Madonna debuted strawberry-tinted hair for a new beauty look. 

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