The Best Hair Trends of 2022 by International Celebrity Hair Artist Maggie Semaan

Welcome the new year with these six most fashionable hair trends of 2022
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With the new year closing in and after a monotonous year of quarantine and lockdowns, we are all looking forward to a dramatic change in 2022 - and what better way to do that than transforming your whole look with a brand new hairstyle?

“2022 will be a year of embracing relaxed, effortless and natural looks.” says Maggie Semaan, International celebrity hair artist and international educator for Balmain Hair Couture based in Dubai. “We’ll see lots of colors and textures that feel natural - from a one-dimensional color to shadow roots and day-after hairstyles. This new year, less is definitely more.” she added.

Get ready to welcome the new year with all the best hair trends, from cut to color, to keep your hair in style this 2022:


T h e  B o b

The bob is here to stay - and for a good reason. Whether it’s a 90’s mid-length bob or an undone french bob which we’ve all seen from the Chanel SS22 runway, the bob haircut will still be one of the go-to hairstyles for 2022 as it’s easily wearable and relatively low maintenance.

1640592783861719 the bob

F o i l a y a g e

Need to glam up your hair? The answer is simple - the foilayage. It’s the newest technique for sun-kissed hair and a perfect style whether your hair is thick, medium or thin, wavy or straight, short or long.

1640592893102832 foilayage

O n e - D i m e n s i o n a l  C o l o r

Knocking the balayage trend off the top spot this coming 2022 is the one-dimensional color that feels effortlessly natural. Celebrity hair stylist tip: go for a soft black or a chocolate brown color.

1640592932828779 one dimensional color

N o  H a i r s t y l e ,  H a i r s t y l e  L o o k

This 2022, you’ll see more of that relaxed, effortless, barely-there hairstyles channeling a very laid back vibe. Think of it as your day-after kind of hair - naturally gorgeous!

1640593322777528 no hairstyle hairstyle look

S l e e k  S t r a i g h t

If you’re looking to shake things up and want to add a little bit of drama - then the sleek, long, straight hair is for you! We know it would take years to have your hair naturally grow in this dramatic length but fret not - extension’s your best friend. 

1640593359873404 sleek straight

S h a d o w  R o o t s

Do you always get bothered by your roots that just seem to be growing longer and longer by the hour? If you’ve colored and highlighted your hair - you’ll know the struggle. But just as everything else - it keeps getting better. This 2022, cancel your root touch-up appointments as we love the shadow roots.

1640593406753963 shadow roots

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