This Swiss beauty brand just launched in the Middle East

Sophie Guillon, the CEO of Valmont Group sat down with L’Officiel Arabia to discuss the launch of the Swiss beauty house’s new launch in Dubai
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Sophie, Valmont Group CEO pictured with husband Didier Guillon, the President of Valmont Group.

You recently launched your first boutique in Galleries Lafayette at The Dubai Mall. Please tell us a little bit about why you chose to launch this shop in the Middle East.

Indeed, we have and we are very proud of it. To start with the location: This new opening represents for us our new flagship located in a prime location (The Dubai Mall). The mall is known worldwide and is a must-see for locals as well as tourists. Our Valmont clientele travels the entire world, therefore, it’s perfect for both groups. Our opening with the Galeries Lafayette is part of a wider partnership as we’re also in Galeries Lafayette in other countries including France, of course.

Art is a big passion for you. Please, could you explain the impact this has on the Valmont brand and the relationship between art and Valmont?

Yes, it is. Art takes on particular importance for the image of Valmont because it allows to apprehend the beauty in another way and to give it a more luxurious and exclusive value. The Valmont Foundation is associated with the Venice Biennale and organizes exhibitions around the world. Combining art with beauty offers a unique link between the visitors to our exhibitions and our consumers ... they are often the same people.

Please tell us a little bit about your brand history.

Valmont was born in 1985, in the heart of a Swiss clinic specialized in anti-ageing surgery. For more than 35 years, we have been developing cellular cosmetics to fight skin ageing. Many of our treatments are offered in international five-star luxury spas. The active ingredients are produced and controlled in Switzerland to ensure perfect transparency and efficiency. The label of Swiss cosmetics is as prestigious as the label of haute couture in France.

Which products do you think will resonate most with women in Dubai?

The whole "Hydration" collection is particularly adapted to the woman of Dubai. It has a light texture that matches the warm climate but also the skin types of women and men in this area. The Elixir des Glaciers collection is extremely concentrated in lifting and regenerating active ingredients. Women in Dubai often have epidermis more resistant to wrinkles, but the lack of density is still visible. Do not forget our unique pure collagen mask that acts on the skin like a real biological lift.

Do you have any further expansion or new product release plans over 2019?

With the Purity range, we want to make women aware of the double cleaning routine. Indeed, makeup has become a fashion accessory and it is increasingly untransferable ... in order to purify the skin without stripping it, we have targeted our action on the bacterial balance of our cutaneous flora: the microbiome. Eliminate the makeup gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin to promote the penetration of the active ingredients of our anti-ageing creams.

Are there any exclusive products that you currently have or are planning for the MENA region?

Yes, we do, we have special and limited editions combined with art that are exclusive. My creation Storie Veneziane perfumes with Didier includes references that were made especially for the Middle East and wait until you discover our creations for 2020 and you will be amazed!

For more information, check out the gallery below or visit Valmont.



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