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Who better than Madonna to boost your self-esteem? Who better than Madonna to teach you self-respect? Who better than Madonna to inspire you to believe in yourself? Who better than Madonna to empower you? Youth has no age is about to become universal mantra for life.
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MDNA SKIN products

MDNA SKIN was founded in 2014 by the coming together of three great M’s: global beauty icon Madonna, the internationally renowned spa destination of Montecatini (Italy), and MTG, a Japanese beauty company dedicated to perpetual innovation and technical expertise. 

Inspired by the global megastar’s desire for an intrinsic beauty ritual, the skin-care label is built on a collection of innovative, ingredient-focused products formulated with mineral-rich thermal blessed water from Montecatini. The highly coveted line includes a rose-scented toner, hydrating serum, and state-of-the-art purifying clay mask designed to be removed with a magnetic dual-headed wand.

MDNA SKIN is giving us beauty solutions that inspire us to reconnect with our true essence and intrinsic beauty. While everyone possesses their own unique beauty regardless of age, gender or nationality, they may not see it when they look in the mirror because they are measuring themselves against a cultural stereotype or unattainable ideal. By inspiring you to reconnect with your intrinsic beauty, MDNA SKIN empowers you to discover your true potential – and, with renewed confidence, even change the way you live. 

MDNA SKIN envisions a world where everyone, everywhere realizes their potential through a healthy connection to their own intrinsic beauty. This revolutionary concept signals the dawn of a new era. 

MDNA SKIN is the only skincare brand in the world that has been granted permission by the town of Montecatini to use its resources – namely, its thermal mineral waters, mineral-rich volcanic clay and nourishing olive oil. The miraculous history of one of Tuscany’s most beloved resort towns, Montecatini, stretches back to the age of the Roman Empire. Wounded Roman soldiers and their horses would visit the town to soak in its thermal springs, which were known to speed recovery and came to be worshipped as “blessed waters.” In the 17th century, a Roman doctor discovered that the waters were especially effective for treating skin diseases. The 18th century saw the construction of several treatment facilities that became cultural hubs for art and music. Over the past 150 years, Montecatini’s spas have attracted royal families, Hollywood stars, renowned musicians and other luminaries from around the world. 

Scientists in Japan have invigorated these transformative waters using the most pure and powerful ingredients found on the Earth, including Tuscan fruit acids, detoxifying volcanic ash, immortal rose stem cells and other natural blessings from Italy and around the world. The same life-giving power of nature is harnessed to create revolutionary tools that replicate advanced facial techniques perfected by Madonna’s renowned skin team. 

Madonna has given her heart, soul and undivided attention to every MDNA SKIN product, personally testing each formula for its efficacy, luxury and power. 

“I need products that are functional and effective,” notes Madonna. “Developing this product was a labor of love, and I’m really proud of what we came up with. The formulation is ultra-hydrating and helps visibly reduce the effects of environmental stressors on the skin.”

Scandalously ahead of its time - THE BEAUTY ROLLER, a game-changing contouring device helps deliver the appearance of a more defined jawline, more pronounced cheekbones, and enhanced facial and body contours. No batteries, cardio or surgery is required. It is for anyone who desires a facial structure and body shape that looks more lifted, toned and contoured.

“THE BEAUTY ROLLER is the first battery-free device of its kind to harness Ultra-Infrared Energy. Powered by the renewable energy of carbon, it helps visibly improve the skin’s firmness and contour for a glowing, lifted look. It also eases stress and tension.” — says a renowned Fifth Avenue dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, who assisted Madonna with the formulas while developing the products.

Skin first, make-up second. Be good to your skin. Hydration brings resilience. The holy water - THE ROSE MIST - is the fanciest water on the planet and it helps you restore radiance. It’s a toner that strengthens the skin by responding to each individuals cell condition and restoring weakened functions. With its high osmotic power, M.T. PARCA reaches deep down into the skin and hydrates from within. 

It contains a good balance of amino acids, together with an abundant amount of nucleic acids essential for cell turnover. It also contains beta-carotene and Vitamin C and E, which work to eliminate reactive oxygen. Anxiety is soothed away through the breathing in the rose fragrance. The floral fragrance provides warmth and with a quick inhalation, you are enveloped in bliss and the fresh scent of rose. Even higher levels of relaxation can be achieved through rhythmic deep breathing.

“The rose mist goes everywhere; I attack my children with it.” - Madonna confessed.

MDNA SKIN donates a portion of sales from The Reinvention Cream to Madonna’s nonprofit organization, Raising Malawi, in order to provide Malawian children with one full year of schooling. Founded by Madonna in 2006, Raising Malawi is dedicated to improving the lives of all children in the Republic of Malawi through educational and health-related programs at the local and national level.

Designed with all ages in mind, and by fusing the power of nature with the insights of modern science, MDNA SKIN empowers you with a bold, resilient beauty that shines from within. 

Be you. Do you. For you. And don’t skip a face day.

Luxury skincare by Madonna @mdnaskin  YouTube: MDNA SKIN Official

Madonna Introduces MDNA SKIN

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