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L’Officiel Arabia drops the top and hits the road for a scintillating blast in Ferrari’s jaw-dropping F8 Spider
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Ferrari’s F8 Tributo coupe is a car we’ve sampled before and loved – so much so that we figured it was near impossible to improve on the recipe. Yet, incredibly, the prancing horse of Maranello has just rolled out an offering that’s even more tantalising.

Say hello to the new Ferrari F8 Spider – an open-topped derivative of the Tributo that serves up the same mind-blowing performance as the latter yet adds to the fun with its alfresco cruising capability. Press a button and the metal roof disappears from sight in just 14 seconds… and this is something that can be achieved on the go, at speeds of up to 45kph.

Stamp on the throttle and you’ll experience the same spine-crushing acceleration as the Tributo, with 100kph flashing past in a scant 2.9sec. Top speed is a dizzying 340kph, so the Spider represents one of the most rapid ways to get your hair blow-dried.

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1606380345560911 190319 car ferrari f8 spider1606380345541982 190320 car ferrari f8 spider

As with the Tributo, motive power comes from Ferrari’s award-winning 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8, which thrashes out a titanic 720hp and 770Nm. All this grunt is transmitted to the rear wheels via a seamless seven-speed dual-clutch manual gearbox that can be left to its own devices or operated manually via the flappy paddles behind the steering wheel.


1606380278123199 190324 car ferrari f8 spider1606380278139436 190325 car ferrari f8 spider

The F8 Spider manages to perform the double act of being a manic supercar or relaxed tourer, depending on the mood you’re in. Get it out on a racetrack or sinuous mountain road and it can transform into a tarmac-devouring beast, monstering the straights and carving up corners at warp speeds. Yet in the urban jungle it’s a highly civilised animal, trundling serenely in stop start traffic and cruising comfortably down Jumeirah Beach Road. Bellissimo!

1606380337693262 190322 car ferrari f8 spider1606380337779493 190323 car ferrari f8 spider

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