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On Mekahel is the Central character in the Reality TV show about his life, "Putting On."
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Shirt: Costello Apparel; Jacket: Hugo Boss; Pants: Tom Ford; Hat: Ugo Mozie; Pocket Square: White Cross Collections.

On Mekahel is a model, actor, businessman, and TV personality. He has appeared in various commercial ads, movies & TV shows. He is also the central character in the Reality TV show about his life, "Putting On." On was born in 1993, in Rehovot, Israel. After finishing his army services in Israel, On moved to New York to study acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in 2014. During his studies On took part in modeling campaigns and acting appearances and in 2016, he launched his own fashion line, MOUNDERWEAR. During part of his time in NYC, On was also a personal assistant to supermodel Naomi Campbell. In 2018, the reality TV show "Putting On" aired its first episode. The series follows the ups and downs of On’s personal and business life, as he navigates the entertainment and fashion industries. He is now based in Los Angeles where he continues to film his show, build his fashion empire, and connect with different global brands and businesses to further his own company.

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Shirt: Costello Apparel; Jacket: Hugo Boss; Pants: Tom Ford; Hat: Ugo Mozie; Shoes: Armani; Pocket Square: White Cross Collections.

When and how did you decide to be a model/actor?

I start modeling and doing commercial work as around the age of 14. Everyone thought that I will be very tall because of my big hands, but I literally stopped growing and stayed shorter than expected. In the beginning it felt like a set back, but now I don’t see it as that. It is what made my career change to more commercial, acting and print modeling work, which is what I have come to love.

In response to why I decided to do what I do? Ever since I can remember, I loved looking at and taking pictures, preforming, and being in front of a camera. Something about looking into a camera lens; it makes me feel invincible. Telling a story through poses and facial expressions is a creative form of expression for me. I don’t know how to do anything better.


As someone who has worked with a lot of brands and been to many fashion shows, what is you favorite brand right now?

Oh man there are so many I could speak on. But I think if I had to choose one it would be Louis Vuitton. For the last few seasons, Virgil has transformed the men’s line into something next level. He has managed to retain the timeless, classic, iconic feel that is synonymous with LV while also opening up the doors of the brand to a much younger, fashion forward consumer. I can’t say enough good things about it!

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Suit & Pants: Musika New York

Tell us about your brand - MO UNDERWEAR?

MO Underwear is an inclusive brand with a simplistic approach to beauty and design. Everyone is beautiful, and we don’t believe there is any one specific trait or characteristic that defines it. Our goal is to shift the focus from what our bodies look like to all of the amazing things we are able to do with them. When it comes to how we operate and produce, we stand behind the idea that the “small details” often times matter the most. Yes, this seems to go against our self proclaimed simplistic approach, but someone has to worry about the details! We just prefer to be the ones to handle that for our customers, that way they aren’t overwhelmed or distracted by the things that they shouldn’t have to be. Also, quality if hands down the most important. Who we aren’t is a brand that delivers an amazing looking product that falls apart quickly and can’t withstand every day life. If I could sum it all up - we provide an exclusive feeling in an inclusive package.


Any other projects lined up?

Yes! Always more projects in the works. The creativity never stops. Since the pandemic began last year we have been working on swimwear. It took about 9 months of planning, but ended up being a total labor of love. Many weekends spent in Malibu lead us to the realization that swimwear would be the logical next step for us. As always, we are keeping the options limited - one swim short and one swim brief. The quality and fit of the fabric is out of this world. The shorts are just short enough to to keep them stylish, and the brief hugs all the right places. We are so excited to launch! It will be out March 20th!

In addition to the swim, we have also been working on a complete overhaul of the underwear. We really ramped up the quality to meet our standards, choosing different fabrics and changing a few of the cuts. This has also lead to an entire new collection and a new vibe.

We are also currently filming Season 3 of my reality show Putting On. This will give viewers a look at some of the design process from another perspective. Despite quarantine, so many things have still been happening over the last year for me. I have definitely been blessed in that regard.

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Shirt: Nargassi

How was the response to the second season of your reality TV show 'PUTTING ON'?

The second season had an even bigger response than the first, and the first was pretty good. Being a Revry Original show, PUTTING ON has really built an organic following from season one. That momentum has carried through to season two. I shared so much more of my life in the second season, and we really found a groove and understanding of how best to tell my story. We were thrilled to be nominated for the coveted Queerties awards, and then over the moon when we actually won! With over 1.5 million votes for the Queerties, it was a real honor to get that kind of validation, especially when we were in the company of such fantastic shows that share so many stories like mine.

What’s next for ‘PUTTING ON’?

We are excited to continue working with Revry on our Season 3 which will be coming out over the summer's season. And since Revry is continuing to expand it’s reach into Latin America and Portuguese speaking countries, I am so excited to see how other cultures respond to the show. Revry is also now available globally to anyone that has wi-fi, so an internet connection or download of the app, Putting On is available in all those countries. 

Overall, I hope to be an inspiration even beyond any of my life dramas that play out. This upcoming season is going to be our best yet. We made a pact this season to be as real and open as possible. We will be touching on subjects and conversations and pieces of our existence that would normally be kept more private. 

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Shirt: White Cross Collections;Jacket: Tom Ford; Pants: Tom Ford.


Talent: On Mekahel @iamonmekahel
Photography: Jim Jordan @jimjordanphotography
Videography: Sadie Braunstein @sadie_braunstein
Styling: Nicole Shlomof @nicoleshlomof and Jim Jordan @jimjordanphotography
Cover Wardrobe: Costello Apparel 
Grooming: Jim Jordan @jimjordanphotography
Production: Emily Blair Media @emilyblairmedia and White Cross

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