Summer Vibes: Step Out In Style This Season with Zara Martin

Zara Martin has been the reigning DJ on the European Fashion circuit for years.
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She has travelled the world playing for Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Tom Ford & Louis Vuitton to name but a few, it has brought her to the region many times, notably DJing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Dubai Film Festival. But as we head into a new socially distanced world we chat about what the future looks like to her…


L'Officiel Arabia: You were born and raised in London, do you think that has had an impact on your career choice?

Zara Martin: Definitely! I think we are all products of our environment. London is a vibrant city and in the past I always gravitated to it’s music scene.


LO: How has the pandemic affected you and your work?

ZM: Who hasn’t it affected!? It’s completely crazy that we are living through this. On one hand it’s amazing that the whole world is unified in this shared experience, but on the other it’s kind of terrifying. I think life as we knew it won’t be returning for a while. The UK has been one of the worst affected countries in the world so I’ve been pretty serious about sticking to the lockdown rules and staying home. Things are starting to change slowly but we are still in a very precarious situation - the virus is still prevalent. This shoot was the first time I have left the house for longer than an hour in months!

1594798046556632 zaramartin lofficiel final7
Black/green embellished mini dress: David Koma; Earrings: Chopard; Bangles: Alice Van Cal; Rings: Tess Van Ghert.

LO: How did you pass your time in Lockdown?

ZM: Well, I had a baby a few months ago so really, I’ve never been busier! Sticking to his schedule is a full time job! Other than that, I’ve tried to keep up with my workouts with my trainer Lee Mullins who owns the Workshop Gymnasium at the Bvlgari Hotels - there’s one in Dubai actually, and it’s amazing!!

1594798060327125 zaramartin lofficiel final25
Black ruffle long dress: Alberta Ferretti; Shoes: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini; Earrings: Chopard; Rings: Tess Van Ghert.

LO: What have been your Lockdown essentials?

ZM: MUSIC! I’ve been making lots of Spotify playlists.

SKINCARE! For me it’s all about Dr Barbara Sturm and Estee Lauder skin care products.

WALKS! I’ve been taking my son out in his new Silver Cross x Aston Martin stroller.

LYCRA! I’ve lived in stretchy clothing/Workout gear haha - my favourites are Varley, Adidas and Versace Activewear.

TECH! I don’t know how we could have gone through this without our iPhones and Zoom!

1594798160618061 zaramartin lofficiel final37
Dress, scarf, shoes: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini; Earrings: Chopard; Rings: Tess Van Ghert.

How has social media helped your work?

Social media has been a helpful tool - yet, also detrimental in a way. I’m conflicted because where I understand that it has helped with certain jobs, I feel that sometimes it negates talent because its all about the numbers/likes). However I am also aware that at this moment in time most of us can’t live without it as it has kept us all connected - and has played an incredibly important role in building momentum in the global Black Lives Matter movement.

LO: Can you tell us about your charity partnerships?

ZM: I work with two organisations - Women for Women international & Cash and Rocket:

Women for Women is a charity which has helped over half a million women survivors of war and conflict (across regions including Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Sudan) rebuild their lives.

Cash & Rocket is an annual 4 day car rally across Europe raising funds for charities that help to empower women and children through education - something I am extremely passionate about.

I’ve been an ambassador for both charities for a few years now and it will be something I will continue to work on in the future.

1594798756075228 zaramartin lofficiel final52
Red dress: Georges Hobeika Couture

What does the future look like to you?

2020 has been a lot. If this experience has taught me anything is that nothing in life is certain. I still have lots of aspirations for my career - I still want to be in a Fast and the Furious movie (true story), I still want to expand my family, and enjoy life! I’m rolling with the punches, making plans and hoping to get there!



Talent: Zara Martin @zaramartin

Photographer: Moeez Ali @moeez

Art Direction: Kate Wotherspoon

Makeup: Nikki Wolff @nikki_makeup

Hair: Luke Pluckrose @lukepluckrose

Styling: Danielle Timperley @dannistylist, assisted by Amalinei Arulgnanaseelan

Shot at Sunbeam Studios, London

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