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Paola Locatelli
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L’Officiel Arabia: What are your favourite parts about your job?

Paola Locatelli: I love the fact that I have the chance to have a job that is never the same, each day is a new day with new opportunities and challenges, I have been so lucky to experience so much and meet a variety of people from all different paths of life. This is really my favorite thing, meeting people and learning about each other, it is not only inspirer but also enriching to learn. It ignites a flame to when we interact with people and it is something that feeds are creativity and nature to evolve in life.

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L’OA: What can fans (change to your community) expect to see on your channel in the next months?

PL: Most of my community know that I have been working on a new project this year, which has been so exciting for me. Since I can remember, acting was always what I wanted to do. The time has come I have been working so hard and that is only going to continue so that I can achieve the goals I have set myself. So watch this space, something is coming….

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L’OA: What advice do you wish you had been given when you started out in the industry?

PL: I think it is so important to listen to yourself and your envies, ambitions, goals and what you love. Do not let people dictate what you should be doing or what you should love. If you believe it, you can do it.

Without passion and purpose, we will never feel complete or motivated to achieve our goals. Take time to learn about your and what fires you. Happiness really is key and you are the center of that.

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L’OA: What are you most proud of out of your work over the past few years?

PL: My community, I feel so proud to have a following that feels like my family, we all have the same values, I am there for them and they are always there for me. I am so proud to be an ambassadrice of AIDA association (helping young children suffering from Cancer) and always trying to support the causes that are important to me and my community and I have so many goals to achieve on this level. Anything that I can do to make a difference and help people will also be my greatest source of pride.

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L’OA: What’s in the future for Paola?

PL: There is a lot coming in the future, I have never felt more empowered in what I want and where I am going. Whether it be in the cinema, public or social, so much is coming.

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Photographer: Frederic Monceau

Talent: Paola Locatelli

Creative Director: Ameni Shafik

Hair and Make Up: Elisa Rampi

All looks Pinko

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