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An Unrepeatable Ritual - GUCCI A/W20 Collection

The latest Gucci extravaganza presented at GUCCI Hub during Milan Fashion Week A/W2020
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GUCCI A/W20 Collection, Milan Fashion Week | Photo: Courtesy of GUCCI

See the Women's and Men's AW20 collection presented at the Gucci Hub during Milan Fashion Week.

Alessandro Michele, Creative Director at GUCCI

"I have always considered the fashion show as a magic event bursting with enchantment. A liturgical action that suspends the ordinary, loading it with an excess of intensity. A procession of epiphanies and expanded thoughts that settle into a different partition of the sensible.

In a celebration that feeds off expectations, my thought takes its shape and goes public. It blends obsessions and antigravity drives. It pauses over improbability. It caresses a nostalgia of the human, that others call imperfection. It sews, with the accuracy of love, the tiniest details of the scene in order to offer them to a community of interpreters.

There’s the rapture of a gift, in this unrepeatable ritual. There’s the promise of a precious delivery. Lights out. The congregation lingers, awaiting with open hands. A pin drop silence, to receive my uneven heartbeats and my thrills.

I offer my poetics to this tribe of emancipated spectators. May they use it to wonder. May they help me understand it. They can use it to reawaken dormant questions. Or else, they can simply reject it, if they can’t find a way to open a door of compassion. They can be translators or traitors. The gift is a living matter, a rebus with a meaning that belongs to nobody.

Even today, we are going to live this ritual, which is sacred to me. A parade of steps will draw the space, like dongs in the temple. Mysterious tacks will take a solemn oath to the light. A score of notes will magnify prophecies impressed on moving bodies.

There’s something though, in this ceremony, that usually stays buried: the struggle of the parturient that accompanies the tremble of creation; the mother’s womb where poetry blooms, from shape to shape. Therefore, I decided to unveil what lies behind the curtains. May the miracle of skillful hands and holding breath come out of the shadows. May the collective intelligence that takes care of gestation be visible, as shivers rage on. May that wild and crazy hive that I made my home have a throne.

Because that is the home I worship: the blessed passage through which beauty comes out of its shell."

Alessandro Michele, Creative Director at GUCCI

Photos: Courtesy of GUCCI

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