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Behind the Scenes: Guo Pei AW20-21 Svannah Couture Collection

The release of couture online is an unprecedented event in the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode’s 150-year history. Changes, dreams, passion – these are what Guo Pei’s team hope to convey to fashion lovers around the world with the release of this video, which captures the process of our preparation for the Autumn/Winter 2020/21 Couture Collection.
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This time, the main space we filmed in was white, but we also set up separate blue and red spaces. Red is the colour of arteries – like soil and sunrises, it is filled with passion; blue is the colour of veins – like clear skies and evenings, it is filled with dreams. Guo Pei has used the abstractions and metaphor provided by these colours to express the theme of ‘life’ in her Autumn/Winter 2020/21 Couture Collection. White represents a future filled with possibilities; it lies between the red and blue spaces, transmitting the interaction between fashion and life. 

Behind the Scenes of Guo Pei Autumn/Winter 2020 Couture Collection

The makeup was inspired by the texture of the zebra’s black and white stripes; the design of the smooth, sleek hairstyle emphasises a sense of the future, and its elegant tail conveys fashion’s wild charm. The makeup and hair styling fuses elements of nature with the contours of modernity – which reflects the same design philosophy behind this new collection. 

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Guo Pei’s team hopes that the creativity and richness of visual sense here can make up for the loss of experience that comes from live events. The choice of this scene’s decoration, props, camera movements, and changes of colours brings forth a dimension between dreams and reality.  

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