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Carolina Herrera Presents Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

An independent presentation outside the typical International Fashion Weeks calendar, brought a collection full of beauty and optimism.
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Photo via Instagram @carolinaherrera

With the change in the calendar of International Fashion Weeks due to the pandemic, some brands that presented themselves religiously within a schedule, went through changes and Carolina Herrera was one of them. The brand that squanders luxury, timelessness and sophistication was left out of the New York calendar and made an independent presentation for the Spring/Summer 2021 season.

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Photo via Instagram @carolinaherrera

Defined by creative director Wes Gordon as a gift for women seeking beauty in all its forms, the collection features large volumes, dramatic sleeves and more saturated colours, bringing a summer burning air, without losing the elegance built into the Maison's DNA. And of course the typical white shirt and pieces with polka dot prints would not be out of this season. 

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Photo via Instagram @carolinaherrera

According to the designer, fashion is a way to celebrate the beauty of special moments, making ordinary moments extraordinary. 

"I wanted to create a collection that would be a reflection of this moment in our lives, from the perspective of optimism, colour and the celebration of the women who were part of Carolina Herrera's plot. We believe in beauty. We believe in dreams. We believe that the antidote to darkness is light. And we believe that fashion is magic".

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Photo via Instagram @carolinaherrera
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Photo via Instagram @carolinaherrera
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Photo via Instagram @carolinaherrera
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Photo via Instagram @carolinaherrera
Carolina Herrera SS21

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