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Comme des Garçons Spring 2019

This season, Kawakubo aimed to simplify her lumpy-bumpy bumps style.

Rei Kawakubo has done it again, but did you expect anything else? The legendary designer has a way of never slowing down and never ceasing to push fashion in a new direction. Along with some fresh abstract cuts and reconstruction, Kawakubo is continuing to play with dimension and form through her now iconic Lumps and Bumps style for Spring 2019, this time with more subtlety. As she describes it; "Designing without design: to make simple."

The designer said she felt that approach was "No longer new" and she wanted to change it. This "mini-show" only included 30 looks and was much more low key than her recent collections. “What I thought of in the end was a profoundly internal approach about what’s deep inside,” she concluded. 

See the full collection below. 


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