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Dior Celebrates The Plurality Of Women's Voices

Maria Grazia Chiuri presents her Spring/Summer 2021 collection with a great presentation in which the woman is the absolute protagonist.
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Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Dior. Photography by Elina Kechicheva.

La Maison presents its latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection, with a real female celebration. The broadcast began with a short film by filmmaker Alina Marazzi, in which the visual work of the famous Italian artist Lucia Marcucci set the tone for the rest of the presentation. Marazzi had all the creative freedom to explore Marcucci's archives and brought to the screens a multimedia interpretation of her work. 

At the end of the short film, the parade began in an atmosphere that was both sacred and profane. With the "Visual Poetry Window" in the background, an installation created by visual artist Lucia Marcucci, where imposing seven-metre high windows reflected her visual poetry. It has an artistic style of great singularity, which consists of the manipulation of the visual and corporal codes of the language of entertainment, politics and sport. These are contrasted with advertisements and mass media texts in dazzling and contemplative collages. In turn, the models made their way through with echoes of a live chorus of women on a large stage.

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Spring/ Summer 2021 Collection, Dior.

On this occasion, fashion and life itself are intertwined during a period of crisis in which a radical transformation of behaviour is taking place. The traditional way of conceiving fashion is changing, and Maria Grazia Chiuri gives herself to this new era in a paradoxical way, transforming the classic silhouettes designed by Christian Dior, with proposals that take up again the radicalization of their origins.

The woman who in different facets -poet, illustrator, intellectual, author or artist- illuminates life with her writings was the ultimate source of inspiration. Chiuri immerses herself in an imaginary universe where she visualises what these women would wear at home and proposes outfits in keeping with their personality. On the other hand, infinite layers of colour for the writer Virginia Woolf or perhaps a simple white shirt for Susan Sontag

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Spring/ Summer 2021 Collection, Dior.

The result is a constant flow of textiles that envelop each body in a continuous alchemy of techniques and materials. First of all, tie-dye printed fabrics contrast with embroidered floral motifs that give life to garments with a fall. In addition, fluid silk chiffon dresses in shades of matt blue and pale orange are juxtaposed with the prints of the entire collection. Similarly, proposals with games of transparencies are accentuated with delicate belts, as well as elegant long layers that remind us of the traditional silhouettes of the firm.

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Spring/ Summer 2021 Collection, Dior.

Maria Grazia Chiuri's approach to design is not just to make garments for the simple reason of making them, on the contrary, each collection under her creative direction is a reflection of the social transformations that are occurring in the world. In other words, a real-time reaction to the needs of contemporary women and the collective effort at Dior to meet them


Spring / Summer 2021 Collection, Dior.

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