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Dreamy Snapshots from Christian Siriano Fall 2019

Mich Cardin captured the elegant, futuristic collection, which brought the designer's inclusive eveningwear to an otherworldly level.
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Photography by Mich Cardin

When it came to Fall 2019, Christian Siriano was dreaming big. So big that a regular fashion week venue or anything close to the ground wouldn't do. Instead, the designer staged his show at the Top of the Rock, which was incredible for his futuristic concept in theory, but led to some complications in practice. Insiders had to wait a while to board the building's small elevators and access the venue, and the show started about an hour later than planned, but at least the collection that followed was stunning.

Siriano's fall vision was of a futuristic, otherworldly environment, but one where the wearer still requires incredible ensembles for her enviable schedule. This led to interpretations on his signature eveningwear in shades of black, purple, and silver, many of which sparkled as they went down the runway, creating captivating photo opportunities for iPhones and professional cameras alike. The pieces' movement, through details like feathers, fringe, and faux fur, did as much, emanating an aura of elegant magic. And as usual, Siriano's casting proved his appreciation for women of all body types and ethnicities, something that by now feels normal in his collections, but still stands out within the industry as a whole.

Mich Cardin captured all the dreamy moments for L'Officiel USA, showing just how much inclusive futurism shines in an environment so saturated with nostalgia. See it all in the gallery below, from the light play of decadent jewelry to Ashley Graham's sparkly closing number.


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