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Electric Moments from Palm Angels Fall 2019

Opting to show in New York City versus Milan this season, Francesco Ragazzi pulled out all the stops at last night's show held at West Chelsea's Cedar Lake space.

Photography by Mich Cardin

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1549775279638012 dscf5540
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1549775270321015 dscf55921549775270697685 dscf5597
1549775271050314 dscf5613
1549775271369753 dscf56141549775271728002 dscf5664
1549775272099163 dscf56731549775272470373 dscf5675
1549775272825846 dscf5683
1549775273277764 dscf56901549775273691393 dscf5701
1549775274031160 dscf57031549775274394196 dscf5705
1549775274759716 dscf57151549775275097365 dscf5719
1549775275487910 dscf57251549775275885737 dscf5734
1549775276267201 dscf57581549775276671188 dscf5760
1549775276971852 dscf5763

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