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Issey Miyake's Versatility for the 2021 Summer Season

The metamorphosis of garments as new rituals of functionality
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Photo via Instagram @isseymiyakeofficial

For the Spring/Summer 2021 season in Paris Fashion Week, Satoshi Kondo x Issey Miyake brought a concept of "Unpack the compact" - unpack the compact - into a collection made up of fully foldable pieces, which are transformed into minibags.

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Photo via Instagram @isseymiyakeofficial

During the lockdown, the designer reflected on how he could optimize the space around him and everywhere he went, creating a series of clothes, waistcoats, raincoats, jumpers, which can be rolled up and folded, thus taking up minimal space. 

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Photo via Instagram @isseymiyakeofficial

More sporty costumes reminiscent of science fiction film jumpsuits, bring geometric prints and sketches of interior designs, with furniture and imaginary pieces. All the pieces appear with zips or strings to allow packing. The sweaters are in almost spongy material, the raincoat, a highlight of the collection, becomes a bag version clothes bag. The metamorphosis of the garments as new rituals of functionality.

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Photo via Instagram @isseymiyakeofficial

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