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"Of Grace And Light: Valentino In A Dialogue Between Haute Couture And The Digital World

A new approach brings the true traditional Haute Couture savoir-faire to modern times
Photo: L'Officiel Brazil

Valentino ends the Autumn/Winter 2020-21 Haute Couture season in style. Live, from Cinecittà Studios in Rome, the collection entitled "Of Grace and Light" has brought extraordinary pieces that show the perfect combination between the traditional Haute Couture savoir-faire and the modernity of the digital world.

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Photos: L'Officiel Brazil

Creating a new dream, Pierpaolo Piccioli, in collaboration with Nick Knight, presented 15 silhouettes that acrobatically danced together with models seated on pending platforms.

Exploring the human dimension to the fullest, for the maison the present times help to direct fashion in this "new world" as the deeply sentimental and essential activity, giving form and life to the creation through, purely, the hands.

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1595400115907911 lb hc nk 06
Photos: L'Officiel Brazil
1595400116202315 lb hc nk 071595400116448418 lb hc nk 08
1595400116713917 lb hc nk 09
Photos: L'Officiel Brazil
1595400116951192 lb hc nk 101595400117215520 lb hc nk 11
1595400117415766 lb hc nk 12
Photos: L'Officiel Brazil
1595400117661204 lb hc nk 131595400117883990 lb hc nk 14
1595400118111981 lb hc nk 15
Photos: L'Officiel Brazil

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