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The Inside-Out Universe of Moschino

To make a new start, you need to start with something smaller. Moschino's puppet theatre for Spring Summer 2021
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"While the seams of the world seem to be undone, the naked inner mechanism of something new comes to light" for the Spring Summer 2021 collection, Moschino interprets the concepts of time and space, fundamental for the historical period we are living in. Jeremy Scott has decided to represent the internal mechanisms of society and fashion, which usually remain hidden and ignored. The show takes place in a puppet theatre where puppets, created by The Jim Henson Creature Shop, impersonate the models and famous guests who usually sit in the front row. The clothes shade on a palette of soft and pastel colours: princess blue, pink, pastel green, but also in gold tones, and are made to puppet size, as well as shoes, bags and accessories. According to Moschino, to start a new beginning you need to start with something small.


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