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The Passion and History of Dior's Cruise 2021 Collection

The French firm triumphs with a delivery that exalts the cultural heritage of Puglia, Italy.
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Image: L'Officiel Mexico

The Maison presents for the first time in digital format the Dior Cruise 2021 collection, with La Piazza Duomo in Lecce as the perfect setting. A tribute to the invaluable savoir-faire of Puglia, the region where the father of creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri was born.

In these uncertain times, Dior remains committed to supporting collaboration between artisans and artists more than ever before; so that the beauty of their creations can endure. Between fabrics, art and the Luminarie, this genuine proposal enhances the excellence of the hands behind these great creations. Making the artisans the absolute soul and inspiration of the project.

Without a doubt, there would be no better way to capture the essence of the garments than through the eyes of the people of Puglia themselves. That's why the French brand collaborated with several local photographers to reveal the emotions that this special collection holds. Through their individual vision, each photographer reveals the magic of the Cruise 2021 edition.

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1595484918947907 dior cruise 2021 look 081595484919276687 dior cruise 2021 look 34
1595484919663281 dior cruise 2021 look 491595484919962829 dior cruise 2021 look 42
Images: L'Officiel Mexico

The lines between Haute Couture and ready-to-wear are blurred to create a realistic collection. Lightweight silhouettes, hand-woven sweaters, classic aprons and leather corsets stand out as the Italian designer's hallmark. This closes Dior Cruise 2021, like a love letter from Maria Grazia Chiuri to Italy and its local traditions. 

1595484920270279 dior cruise 2021 look 861595484920558862 dior cruise 2021 look 83
1595484920884775 dior cruise 2021 look 871595484921184893 dior cruise 2021 look 90
Images: L'Officiel Mexico
Dior Cruise 2021 Collection

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