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The reign according to Yanina Couture

'Women's Time' is the name Yanina Couture chose for her latest Haute Couture fashion show. A meaningful choice in the eyes of its creator, Yulia Yanina.
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Inspired by two great queens, Elizabeth of Russia and Victoria of Britain, the Yanina Couture Autumn/Winter 2020 collection is built on a blend of styles from these two heroines, characterizing two diametrically opposed periods and visions. As a reminder, Queen Elizabeth was an empress who was passionate about the Baroque, concerned about developing art, culture, science and luxury. A true precursor fashionista, the Russian qeen was one of the most sophisticated women in Europe, refusing to wear the same outfit twice. Queen Victoria, on the other hand, was an absolute puritan. Politeness and restraint were the only virtues acceptable to the young woman.

This is how Yanina Couture revealed its collection this July. Sometimes opulent, sometimes more chaste, or paradoxically a mixture of the two. Luxurious corsets, royal ball dresses, puffed or even dramatic sleeves, embroidered stockings and flashy knots combine with purer lines, closed outfits, high collars, modest cuffs or white collars. The designer, Yulia Yanina, subtly blends periods and cultures, successively combining Chantilly lace with leather or a light veil with velvet and stockings embroidered with stones. Bold contrasts, which are evocative of mistrust. Indeed, Yulia says that the current challenge today is to remain a woman, despite all that you can go through in life.


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