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NEW YORK FASHION WEEK SS19: Vacationing with Tory Burch

Inspired by travel, Tory brought us into a bohemian fantasy of her own

While for many designers, a new collection means tapping into theoretical approaches to artistic vision, Tory Burch tapped into the personal. Inspired by her parents and their summer travels, Burch’s collection is fit for anyone with a need for travel and fantasy.

Showing in the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, the collection stayed aligned with Burch’s vision of the modern city dweller. Viewers were treated to a neutral color palette, from beige to black, while vaguely bohemian prints added some festivity to the entire show. Considering that we were treated to a rather humid summer this year, Tory Burch’s collection brings some much-needed comfort to New York City


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