10 Lessons of Femininity from Sasha Ray

More and more, the world is looking for threads from Instagram influencers. So Sasha Ray has not left the moodboard of many for a long time. An entrepreneur, singer, blogger shares with her subscribers interesting thoughts, travel impressions and, of course, her style. Her page is dedicated to femininity in all its manifestations. It seems to be in her DNA.
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Instagram of Sasha Ray is a solid master class on flowing dresses, beach fashion and city bows. We have selected 10 looks that will inspire you this spring!


Inspired by Kate Middleton

An aristocratic silhouette with a flashback in the 80s. The girl is feat in the sky blue shade of a dress with small polka dots with an openwork turn-down collar. Probably inspired by the flying dresses of the Duchess of Wales, Sasha has put on a lady face. But, so as not to be boring, she added a luxurious neckline. Nude pumps, a fluffy bag and trendy large earrings complete the look.


Sasha Ray knows how a blue shade suits blondes and skilfully emphasizes tan with a blue swimsuit with high swimming trunks. Large white buttons and white piping are a nod towards vintage style trends. To complete the look, Sasha added an airy beach cape to match, a straw hat and went for a walk along the golden beaches of Dubai.


Naked jumpsuit

Sexy, provocative and very glamorous look. Sasha works great in the gym and is ready to demonstrate this with the help of a “naked” jumpsuit in the style of Jennifer Lopez or Katty Perry. Luxurious shining jumpsuit with second skin covers the girl's body. It is an ornament in itself, so Sasha Ray added only sandals with thin straps and a red clutch.

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This look is flawless - every detail is thought out in it. Sasha Ray knows how to wear
jumpsuits that fit the contours of the body. A large V-neck with a row of massive metal
buttons that are repeated on the cuffs is a nod to the military, but thanks to the femininity of
the silhouette, it sounds muffled. Geometry dominates in accessories - an expressive clutch
bag and large square glasses. We are delighted!


Wow effect
Bright in every sense, a jade-colored polka-dot pleated dress has a very complex cut. To support its architectural form, Sasha chose massive square earrings set with white and green stones. Dress from the A-line with a dull bodice, with high shoulders with shoulder pads (hello 80s!) and heavily flared sleeves require an understanding of how to move, pose and feel in this look.


Of course, the first thing we look at is colour. Sasha Ray has reconciled an intense fuchsia and an architectural blazer dress with a feather skirt in her look. The classic look in the recognizable details of the 80s opened with new details. The jacket with a complex geometry fit flawlessly on the figure. Sasha complemented a double-breasted jacket with a pronounced shoulder line with a small nacre clutch, sparkling sandals with thin straps and large earrings with stones.


Feathers and diamonds

The cocktail look doesn't have to be predictable. Sasha Ray chose a dress made of fluffy feathers that turns into a dance with every movement. The shade of strawberry ice cream perfectly sets off the amber skin tone of the girl. Choosing accessories for this dress, Sasha Ray could not be mistaken - the dazzling shine of diamonds and rhinestones: massive Congo earrings, thin diamond bracelets on the wrist and repeated on graceful sandals.


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A cleverly chosen image for a pool party. Sasha Ray set off the spectacular floral print of the dress with a delicate powdery undertone on her lips with a thick shade of cold tea rose. The muffled bodice reminds us that the secret of femininity is not a deep neckline and the obligatory hourglass. A floor-length A-line dress flows amazingly with ruffles, requiring no additional accessories. In order not to overload the image, Sasha Ray made a laconic styling and chose elegant pumps, the decor of which is consonant with earrings.

Red carpet

Sasha Ray's evening looks are no doubt eye-catching. Black dress with an open back and an accent in the form of a silk bow Looks strict, sexy, cinematic! The ideal solution in a beauty look was to gather hair in a tight bun, emphasizing the lines of the face and neck. Scarlet lipstick and a matching clutch became a colour accent. Sasha is ruled by an innate femininity and look looks natural without effort.


The sexy femininity of Sasha Ray showed itself in the total black set, where accessories play the main violin. A tank top and leggings are the basic backdrop for a black backpack bag and black over the knee boots that look like an outrageous dream. An interesting detail - the boots are fastened with straps to the belt, creating something like an improvised harness or a belt for stockings. But, damn it! Who cares about these names when look is 10 out of 10!


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