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If someone knows how to style your hair, Kylee Heath does. Responsible for keeping Margot Robbie, Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman, Rachel McAdams and many more gorgeous celebs top of most girl's Pinterest hair inspo boards, she's just launched her own styling line, in partnership with & Other Stories. Creating an ode to Los Angeles with the brand new 'LA Hair & Other Stories ' line, L'Officiel spoke to the beautifully coiffed Kylee to grill her on all her haircare secrets and expert styling tips.

How did you end up in the hair industry?
'I always wanted to be a hair stylist. When I was 19 I moved to Los Angeles to work in a hair salon in Beverly Hills. By the time I was 21, I became assistant to several well-known celebrity hairstylists and eventually I ended up at a company where I got this dream job. I love to be able to work somewhere else every day. So much traveling is really a dream come true. '

And how exactly did you come into contact with & Other Stories?
"They approached my agent because they were looking for a co-developer for a new hair care line. I was already fond of & Other Stories so this was a great opportunity! Fortunately, the collaboration felt good and went well in a pleasant way. '

The line is inspired by Los Angeles. What exactly is 'LA hair'?
'LA is so beautiful and diverse, that's why we wanted this hairline to work for everyone and every type of hair. Typical LA hairstyles can be both long wavy and beachy locks and super glamorous volume. That is why we have many different types of hair care products. For example ' Melrose ' for volume, ' Malibu Canyon ' for care and ' Venice Blvd ' for styling. '

"Some people use hot styling products every day without first using a protective product. This is not allowed, especially if you colour your hair! "

What is the most important rule in hair care?
'Find products that really work for you and your hair! Try a product 3 times and if it still does not work you try it in a different way. If it still does not do what you want, then it is not suitable for you. "

Are there things that we do wrong with our hair without being aware of it?
'Hell yes. Some people use hot styling products every day without first using a protective product. This is not allowed, especially if you color your hair! Try to use less heat on your hair, even if it is only one day less in the week. To hide that you have not styled your hair that day you can wear your hair in a bun or braid, or use dry shampoo and texture spray to create volume. And if you do use heat, use a protective product - like our Beach Spray ! '

What do you do to your hair when you are in a hurry in the morning?
"I am almost always in a hurry, so my haircare routine is very easy in the morning. After showering I do a bit of Restore Leave-In Mask on the ends and I spray Beach Spray through my hair. That's how it dries like messy and beachy hair. "

You've styled so many celebs. What was your favorite hairstyle that you created in recent times?
'I styled Margot Robbie's hair for the premiere of her film Terminal . It became a very simple knot. So chic and yet very modern because it was not a typical chignon knot. For this I used a white elastic that could be seen. That made for a fresh and cool edge to an elegant hairstyle. '

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The LA Hair line will be available in store and on from 16 August .

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