8 By Yoox: Autumn/Winter Collection

Leading online lifestyle store YOOX has recently launched their Autumn/Winter collection from their own-brand 8 by YOOX. A collection compromised of stylish essentials for women and men, powered by artificial intelligence and YOOX’s unique creative flair.
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Famed for its ability to bring together the best of human design and cutting-edge technology, YOOX is pushing the boundaries to provide its customers with an exclusive brand that perfectly meets their needs and desires.

Before putting pen to paper on each collection, the YOOX design team uses advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence tools to review content from across social media and online magazines in key markets with a particular focus on fashion influencers. This insight is combined with predictive indicators into emerging lifestyle and style trends, analysis of own data from products sold on its site, customer feedback, industry purchasing trends as well as text search and image recognition. The result is a dynamic mood board that allows the design team to tap into the pulse of our customers, providing inspiration before they start to conceive items for the collection including everything from shape trends to colours, sleeve lengths, neckline shapes, fabrics, textures, heel heights and price points. 

Autumn/Winter 8 by YOOX collection remixes must-haves with urban influences and original details, while always making sure to deliver the best organic materials and textiles.

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