What will #HalloweenHeidi wear this October 31?

With just hours to go, will it be All Fright on The Night for Heidi Klum, Hollywood's Queen Of Halloween?
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Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (2017)

She’s known as The Queen of Halloween, thanks to her dedication to throwing the best Halloween Parties in Hollywood. And taking to Twitter and Instagram in the countdown to this year’s annual extravaganza, showcasing a retrospective of her dazzling dress-up moments, anticipation is at fever pitch regarding what Heidi Klum will be wearing at her 18th spooky soiree.


Previously reinventing herself as everything from Lady Godiva and Jessica Rabbit to an old lady, complete with varicose veins, wrinkles and liver spots, to last year’s Michael Jackson Werewolf Thriller tribute, the Supermodel teased this year’s costume with a slightly creepy Insta video of a spinning oversized prosthetic foot, captioned “Putting my best foot forward this #HeidiHalloween thanks to @Prorenfx. Any guesses? You’ll find out soon enough!”


With Heidi’s followers guessing everything from The Statue of Liberty to King Kong, we can’t wait to see what ghoulish get up ‘Halloween Heidi’ will show off this year. We’re guessing it won’t be anything to do with a white sheet and a black marker pen, obviously.


Need some outfit inspiration for this year’s Halloween parties? Check out Heidi’s best Halloween looks below…

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