Alexander McQueen: Pre Spring/Summer 2020 collection

Everything you need to know about the latest release from fashion powerhouse Alexander McQueen.
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It’s finally that time of year: Alexander McQueen’s pre Spring/Summer 2020 collection has been announced and we couldn’t be more excited. From fiery reds to subdued greens, it’s the perfect way to make an impact in the New Year. 


Notes on the collection from Alexander McQueen: 


The collection is joyful, inspired by the radiant colour and fragile beauty

of nature. Endangered and extinct flowers are lovingly preserved. Flora and

fauna and the earth’s riches are celebrated. The hearts of women and the

hearts of flowers – both exposed and protected - are intertwined.

Flower and petal shapes, rare pressed floral embroideries and the vivid colour

palette of exotic blooms are seen throughout. These are inspired by real flora,

photographed or hand-drawn in glasshouses. Their extreme femininity is

contrasted with sharp signature tailoring and a military aesthetic. Colour is

predominantly bright and saturated, contrasted with black, white, amber, lust

red, ivory, khaki and army green.


Check out the collection below: 


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