Amato Couture to Open Arab Fashion Week with Fashion Film About Racism and Equality

Bollywood Superstar and Miss Universe India Urvashi Rautela to be the first Bollywood Actress to become the showstopper in the history of Arab Fashion Week. The new collection is named ‘DIVINE INDWELLING’.
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Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela will appear in Amato's fashion film. Courtesy of Amato

“The new collection is all about the story of equality, diversity and unity. In my own fashion universe, there are no boundaries - everyone is created equal. The film ‘Divine Indwelling’ states the fact of this special presence without explaining how it takes place.” said Furne One, Founder and Creative Director at AMATO Couture.

Critically-acclaimed Dubai-based fashion house AMATO Couture to unveil new collection presented in a fashion film, produced by trending celebrity agency YUGEN Group, which also produced the worldwide trending Arab Fashion Week in 2018 of South East Asian Superstar Maymay Entrata - the very first Filipina to open the Arab Fashion Week.

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Arab Fashion Week in 2018 of South East Asian Superstar Maymay Entrata

Mystery surrounds ‘Divine Indwelling’, the all metallic gold and silver collection will premiere at the virtual Arab Fashion Week on Wednesday, 21 October 2020 at 8 pm (Dubai time).

With the launch of his new creation, Furne One has unveiled a new short film, starring Bollywood Superstar Urvashi Rautela, in which the magical, almost mystical aura of the collection is omnipresent.

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Amato will open the four-day Arab Fashion Week on October 21. Courtesy of Amato

Directed by Alex Suhorucov, the first part of the film stars Dubai-based models of colours and is "...ultimately reflects the AMATO woman; bold, brave and beautiful, and the sort of activism for racial equality.” The second part highlights a warrior princess lost in the wilderness portrayed by Rautela.

“The latest fashion film is all about the idea of ‘Someone’ or ‘Something’ working above us all. It could be our Gods, energy, destiny or whatever you want to call it. It is always present in our daily lives and that is what I want to show in this film. I want the viewers to realize the power greater than our power.” said Furne One, the Founder and Creative Director.

“This collection is a revolution as well, as we face a brave new world, as a fashion designer, I have the power to dream and inspire people to dream bigger than our own dreams. The revolution is all about peace and harmony, understanding one another in a noisy, busy and complicated world that we live in and is the ultimate realization.” added Furne.

“I am so lucky to have Urvashi to be part of this project as I believe she has faced a lot of judgements in the unfiltered social media world where people easily criticize public personalities like her. She is more than just a pretty face, she is more than just a sexy body, she is a woman with a soul and a purpose. She is here to inspire girls who share the same story - dreaming is believing.” ended Furne.

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The premiere of the fashionfilm will be unveiled onWednesday, 21st October2020, 8 PM (Dubai time) andwill be available at Arab Fashion Council’s Instagram and Facebook Accounts.

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