Balmain's future: French maison bets on its first sustainable collection

The French brand takes a big step towards sustainability, the biggest of current trends
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With the new directions of fashion, Balmain bets on its first sustainable collection and says that from now on, the future of the brand will be to create truly sustainable collections. The Caps Collection PS21 , exclusively for women, comprises a selection of organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatshirts with Ecocert.

In addition, great efforts were made to reduce the carbon footprint during the manufacture and transportation of these parts. They were created in renewable energy facilities, located close to our global distribution centers. All the elements, however small, were considered and developed in a sustainable way.

The brand believes that profound changes can no longer be postponed in almost every part of our lives. The months of forced separation caused changes of all kinds - from the way we support it to the way we avoid further damage to the environment. And that new advances must be made as soon as possible towards their sustainable goals. Balmain promises what we all expect from big brands right now: action, transparency, and changes.

Below is the open letter from Olivier Rousteing , the brand's stylist:

"Until the beginning of isolation, I always believed that it was necessary to be physically present in the studio and working with my team to create a collection. After so many years and so many collections working together, I ended up depending a lot on your talents, skills, innovative ideas and honest opinions. Then, suddenly, having to discover a new way of working - at my kitchen table, from the endless zoom calls, was definitely not easy for any of us, but in the end, I was impressed and most of all very proud of that my team and I were able to accomplish. "

I recently got my team together and went to Normandy to photograph the Cruise Collection - the collection we created "together, albeit separately" at numerous digital conferences - it was much more than just a trip out of town for a day. It marked the end of a strange and difficult period, which we all went through and this allowed us to celebrate the successes we achieved despite so many challenges and difficulties.

Outside, under the blue sky and the green countryside, we were not only celebrating for being together, we were also rediscovering the joy of being able to travel beyond the 100 km limit of isolation. Sharing the beautiful environment and the climate with my friends and colleagues, made it seem that somehow we managed to escape work, the city and all the worries of the past for a special moment, the feeling was that we were participating in some kind picture of a celebratory picnic in the countryside.

The landscape and all its vegetation and aristocratic property, were also the perfect place to mirror the spirit of the Balmain Cruise 2020 collection. Much of the collection is geared towards the encounter between the aristocracy and the rebellious spirit of the newly single Lady Diana in the 90s, as well as the style of another icon of the time, Julia Roberts, (particularly during her Pretty Woman moment). Naturally, those who also remember the unique energy of that moment of the 90s, will easily recognize the striking pattern, pastel tones and strong tailoring that run through this collection.

When looking at hats, ruffles, Vichy patterns and polka dots in the collection, you should remember that in my last show (presented during the last Paris Fashion Week, pre-confinement that now seems to have happened in a lifetime ago ), also played with patterns like these - easily recognized symbols of the upper class. Signatures of a scarce world of old families, privileges and riches that made me feel they were beyond the reach of anyone like me, growing up in Bordeaux.

So today, my team and I continue to happily revolutionize what used to be standards of a restricted class and previous generations - rethinking, distorting and modernizing them in order to offer something unexpected, fresh and up-to-date - a variety of styles and designs that they are now available to everyone - and reflect today's Balmain values and the beautiful diversity of a truly modern France.

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