Bella Hadid confirms that the cardigan is a must in summer wardrobe

This Tuesday, June 23, 2020, Bella Hadid was seen in Italy, freshly arrived in a private jet with Hailey Bieber. A rare appearance in the post-Covid period, for which the top has bet on the sexy cardigan trend. And we'll show you where to shop yours.
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It's already two seasons that the cardigan has made a remarkable comeback in the dressings of fashion girls, for an effortless and sexy look. Far from its connotation "gra-mother's vest", it is now ideal for mid-season temperatures, and can be worn both day and evening, preferably in pastel shades. A trend that is therefore essential, to which Bella Hadid has succumbed more than once. Recently, the top was in Italy, accompanied by her friend Hailey Bieber during a fashion shoot. To travel stylish, she opted for a nude cardigan, closed with a few buttons and worn next to the skin for a sexy touch. Signed by the brand Musier Paris , piloted by the French influencer Anne-Laure Mais , aka Adenorah, the model is one of the label's bestsellers. Betting on comfort above all, Bella thus associated this essential piece with orange shorts in the cyclist style, And of course, gloves and a protective mask, barrier gestures obliges.


The cardigan, a sure bet for fashion

Associated with a crop top, the cardigan allows you to play the card of the chic ensemble. Tied at the waist, plays it modern, while associated with a skirt, twists our looks for a retro silhouette. As such, Musier Paris acts as a must, offering a plethora of cardigans, each more desirable than the other. With jewelry buttons and leaving the skin visible, with short sleeves or maxi neckline, the vests flirt between retro and sexy. The good news? The Bella Amid "Amanda" cardigan is still available on the e-shop, but is currently out of stock. All that remains is to wait for the restocking.

1593167058111307 cardigan amanda 2400x
"Amanda" cardigan
1593167083615477 musier eshop jun20 6572 2400x
"Telma" cardigan
1593167102495038 musier eshop jun20 6178 2400x
Abi" cardigan

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