Blazer + Short is the Perfect Duo for Mid-Season Looks

Joining pieces that remind us of both seasons, the pair of blazer and shorts can be the perfect combination!
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There is little more than a month to go before spring arrives and the half season can be a real challenge when it comes to setting up cohesive productions that will warm us up from the coldest moments and still be light. While we are already getting tired of the heavy winter looks, it is not yet the time to bet on fresh summer dresses. How can we avoid that? Joining pieces that remind us of both seasons -- and the pair of blazer and shorts can be the perfect combination.

At first glance, betting on this trend may seem like a mismatch, but in fact the pieces are easy to harmonize and ensure a production that adapts to various environments because it brings a hi-lo style that unites the refinement of the blazer and the casuality of short.

If the question is how to combine, here is a tip: the sky is the limit! From productions with tailoring sets, which guarantee the harmony of colours and fabrics, to pieces of different patterns, with for example a short jeans. The idea is to think as a whole and, above all, to keep a good proportion between the blazer and the shorts, so that the whole look gains balance.

The color palette is essential to the success of the composition, and why not dare in pastel shades? Or in blazers in extravagant shades? The classic look in sober colors may be a great option for more serious environments, but this trend is the perfect opportunity to innovate!

On warmer days, betting on a cropped can make production even sexier and more powerful, however, if you want to bet on something more refined for dinner or even a date with friends, a mule sandal with heel or straps may be the perfect option to lift the look. Check it out and get inspired!








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