Bottega Veneta Pre Spring 2020 Reflects Its Evolving Yet Classic Style

Daniel Lee's latest collection showcases the Italian brand's shifting design while staying true to its roots.
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Bottega Veneta maintains its signature classy, elegant style with its latest Pre Spring 2020 collection. The collection features smart looking outerwear, dresses, tops and pants that come in a range of more toned down and nature-colours like brown, auburn and mustard yellow. 

Daniel Lee, who was appointed the creative director of Bottega Venetta in 2018, continues to evolve the brand's design while keeping it true to its roots. Since his debut with the fashion house's Spring 2019 'edit', Lee has been aiming to move the brand in a more modern direction. 

The Pre Spring 2020 collection reflects Lee's efforts, showing the brand's continuously evolving style.

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In line with Lee's new direction for Bottega Veneta, he also switched up the production techniques in the making of the clothes and accessories, while continuing to reference the brand's classics.

For instance, in the Pre Spring collection, the brand's famous intrecciato - a leather weaving technique found by the fashion house in the 1960s - is central to many designs in the collection, such as their knits and accessories for the season. Lee also referred to Bottega Veneta's previous model "The Pouch", using its convenience and immediacy as an inspiration for his new line of accessories. 

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