Bottega Veneta presents its Fall 2019 collection

The first show from creative director Daniel Lee is an exercise of convergence between the exquisite care of details, noble fabrics and dominant silhouettes.
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Bottega Veneta presents its Fall 2019 collection as a celebration of freedom, personal expression and sensuality. The collection brings an unexpected injection of modernity to traditional technique, and as a protagonist to the volume.

From the combination of manual work with technology and the production process, the perfect union of the classic with the contemporary arises. Preserving the inalterable artisan work characteristic of Bottega Veneta.


The look towards the origins of the Italian firm, seen through a current lens, offers another visible tension between splendor and elegance in its different degrees. The palette of this season is a reflection of the contrast, chemical tones and resplendent adornments are combined with natural and everyday colors.

The reinterpretation and evolution of the skin and the iconic intrecciato of the firm present a new lexicon for Bottega Veneta. Elegant dresses with polished silhouettes and layered knits are combined with highly structured outer garments, marked cuts and strong accessories.


In short, the goal of this season's collection is simply to awaken emotions: pleasure and happiness, desire and beauty.

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