Check Out Dolce&Gabbana's Lively F/W19 Bambino Collection

It's never too early to start inspiring the little ones with Dolce&Gabbana's FW2019 Bambino collection.
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Dolce&Gabbana has released its lovely Bambino Fall Winter 2019 collection for the little ones! The collection is colourful and vibrant; taking inspiration from parts of the adult collection, all-while remaining youthful. Lush and comfortable fabrics make up the clothes in the collection, featuring outfits suitable for different occasions- from casual ensembles to those perfect for formal events. 

The pieces for the little gentlemen comprise of a range of designs, from lively tropical prints and dynamic designs to classic button-ups. The tops can be matched with casual jeans or trousers to make up outfits suited for both casual and formal events. 

Bright pops of colour are central to many of the pieces, with bold blues, reds and greens paired together or added to dark backgrounds, making the cheery pieces stand out. At the same time, dressier pieces include suave monochrome jackets and button-ups which make for the perfect get-ups for dressier occasions. 

Check out some of the pieces from the boys' wardrobe below: 

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The wardrobe for the little ladies also contains fun and alluring pieces that are synonymous with freedom and fantasy. A central design is the floral blooms that adorn many dresses in the collection - a print that is associated with the maison's Italian roots. With these romantic designs, Dolce&Gabbana magnifies the romance of life for the young ones through their classy dresses. 

Check out some pieces from the girls' wardrobe below:

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1562141078062465 lb junior ai 19 20 jpg rgb 431562141078403957 lb junior ai 19 20 jpg rgb 38
1562141078728280 lb junior ai 19 20 jpg rgb 341562141079024026 lb junior ai 19 20 jpg rgb 30

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