Converse, Meet the Wonderful Mystical World of Hannah Weiland

What do you get when a must-have London brand teams up with a good ol' Bostonian cult-favourite? The next addition to your sneaker collection.
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At just 28 years old, Hannah Weiland has represented a breath of quirky, creative and thoroughly London fresh air in the fashion world. That brightly colored, striped faux-fur coat you can't stop seeing on the 'Gram? Hers. Those excruciatingly charming and compact beaded bags? Hers. Or, should we say Shrimps'. Founded in 2013, Weiland has been using Shrimps to broadcast her genius designs to the world.

Yesterday, Shrimps joins the legions of mega brands that have collaborated with Converse to make kicks as chic as they are affordable. A personal favorite of hers, putting Shrimps' own special spin on a classic pair of Chucks has long been on her mind. This 6-piece collection features Weiland's trademark doodles, vibrant colors (and even faux fur) on the classic Chuch 70, the One Star, and a selection of streetwear tops and bottoms. Lucky for us, prices range from $45-$120. Talk about a shrimp cocktail (lolz).  


Check out the Shrimps x Converse collection, below.


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