Diesel Takes on Bullying Through Streetwear

Turning hate speech into positivity, Diesel empowers victims of bullying through their newest collection
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When you think of the words haute couture, most likely the images of feathered gowns and hand-applied beading on silk chiffon comes to mind. What you don’t think of is politically charged streetwear that directly condemns a social phenomenon that hurts everyone.

Releasing their Haute Couture collection, Diesel has boldly stood up for the countless people who face discrimination, bullying, harassment, and criticism on social media. Contacting some of the media’s biggest personalities, the fashion retailer let celebrities customize their own good with criticism they’ve once reviewed.

Some of the phrases included "The Bad Guy" via Nicki Minaj, "F*** You" via Gucci Mane, and "Sl**" via Bella Thorne. The brand also pokes fun at their own haters by releasing two phrases "Diesel is dead and Diesel is not cool anymore." Available as limited edition pieces in the collection, consumers will also be able to customize their own goods on  October 6.

In a cheeky promotional video, various stars proudly showcase their customized pieces, completely unapologetic. While fashion brands have often done campaigns around issues their customers face, this is the first time a company has been so unfiltered in their approach. Check out some of the pieces in the collection, below.


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