Discover Eye/LOEWE/Nature Fall Winter 2021

The outdoors is both the backdrop and the essence of Eye/LOEWE/ Nature. Pragmatic, crafty pieces designed to live outside, in contact with the elements, depict another facet of the prismatic LOEWE identity: one that is aware of the environment, as both a place to inhabit and an organism to respect
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Vibrant playfulness pervades the collection. Ideas of patchwork and upcycling are brought to the extreme and explored as a way to create not only surfaces, but also entire garments. Materials, styles and colours are mixed together in bold collages. Outdoor, vintage and military elements are hybridised with traditional sportswear, creating progressive pieces of clothing. Upcycled tailored tweed jackets are fused with sports jackets. Military tents turn into long coats, while faded gradients on flannel shirts are obtained through patchwork. Wide trousers are colorful corduroy collages. Knitwear is upcycled, embroidered and patchworked too: classic Fair Isle knits clashed together or combined with fleece to create hybrid styles.

Shapes are generous and practical. Details such as taping provide both function and decoration. Fabrics are washed and bleached for degradé effects with a distressed feel.

Environmental responsibility is focal, with a stress on upcycling. Reusing and repurposing materials with past lives is not only a way for LOEWE to produce less, and therefore create less harm to the environment, but also a way to reassess craft and give unicity to each piece. Recycled fabrics and yarns, as well as recycled down feathers, ensure low impact. Environmentally-safe overdyeing ensures beautiful shades that give patchworks a warm patina without polluting.

The outdoorsy spirit continues with colorful hiking boots, technical bags and practical accessories. Key styles include a new backpack and round bumbag in waterproof split calf and canvas, and a Rope tote in washed cotton canvas.


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