Doodling Fendi Roma Under The Roman Sky

The House's collaboration with Mr Doodle sees a fantastic rooftop performance combining both street art and the Fendi DNA.
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After amazing rooftop-takeovers by Pokras Lampas, the 6 artists of “The Ring of The Future”, and the Roman collective “GraFFiti” performance, the House of Fendi reaffirms its unique bond with graffiti art through a new collaborative performance with Sam Cox, aka Mr Doodle. 

Known for his unique doodles, the London-born artist injects his creative energy into a two-day drawing stream, taking his pen to giant mirrored letters spelling out FENDI, ROMA and the iconic FENDI double F logo. 

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The movie features Mr Doodle in his artistic element, bringing out his fun and witty personality, and also unveiling his practice, the OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Drawing, in the most Fendi way possible.  

Cox is seen doodling on a mirrored desk, but he can’t stop drawing, covering not only the FENDI Rooftop, but the whole Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana with his artwork. It then shifts to frames showing Caterina, a young tailor of the FENDI atelier, stitching on Mr Doodle’s jumpsuit. She combines different tailoring techniques and applies them to different materials and textures to create a unique tailor-made piece, celebrating both craftsmanship and artistry, in parallel with Cox's visual drawings. Culminating in the marriage of graffiti art and the heritage of Fendi being brought together through a personal, hand-made touch. 

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The House also celebrates this amazing young artist with a personalized "Doodle" Fendi peekaboo bag. One thing we can say for sure, Mr Doodle is definitely the first artist to have ever doodled on one! 

1565261926081699 peekaboo bag by mr.doodle 01

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