Elle Fanning Stars in 'Miu Miu More' Holiday Campaign

Step into the "Miu-niverse"
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As we approach the season of giving, it's important to always remember that it's the thought that counts behind whatever gift our loved ones surprise us with. That old adage is especially useful when we find ourselves looking down at our unwrapped Christmas present wishing for more, more, more — much like Elle Fanning in Miu Miu's new holiday campaign, Miu Miu More.


Directed by Gordon von Steiner, the film takes us into a "Miu-niverse" of light, colour and gifts from Miu Miu's Holiday Collection that are sure to be found on every Miu Miu girl's wishlist after viewing. Amongst the many glittering items that caught our eye are a bejewelled Miu Logo purse, a striking animal print Miu Lady handbag and a pair of shiny pumps (or two) — all of which we're hoping to call our own on Christmas Day. I mean, what more could a girl want?


Miu Miu More

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