Here's why Virgil Abloh is taking a break from the fashion industry

The frenetic pace of fashion spares no one, not even Virgil Abloh. From running his Off-White label to leading the artistic direction at Louis Vuitton Homme, the American designer is one of the most in-demand designers in the industry. So it may not come as a surprise that the designer is being forced to take a break, on the orders of his doctor.
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The announcement was first made just before his Off-White Spring/Summer 2020 show in Paris, which the designer was due to attend. According to a press release from the label, Abloh was being forced by his doctor to dial things back for a three month period. Often forced rest is recommended for high-pressured individuals who have experienced or at risk of experiencing burn out. 

Superhuman pace 

Virgil Abloh has always been involved in many projects and collaborations of all kinds. From DJ, stylist, consultant or designer: the 39-year-old never gives himself a break. According to some accounts, he visits more than eight international destinations per week, between America, Asia and Europe. A schedule that perfectly depicts the excessive pace in the fashion industry today. His doctor pointed out how unhealthy such a full-on schedule can be, and advised Abloh to dial things back.

A short break

Despite his doctor's recommendations, Virgil Abloh does not seem to be able to take his foot off the peddle so easily easily. Forced to ease off and stay at home, the designer is determined to continue his activity from his home in Chicago. Although he claims to be taking a step back - declining the conferences he was supposed to attend, or putting his collaborations on hold - it seems difficult for the creator to cut himself off completely from the work. By imposing such a pace, Abloh could remind us of a certain Karl Lagerfeld, being just like him - hooked on his job, whatever his state of health.

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