Gucci Epilogue Is Alessandro Michele's Latest Fairy Tale

The Italian fashion house offers viewers a rare glimpse at what the making of a Gucci shoot (and show!) looks like.
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As this year calls for a complete rethinking of the established order in all fields, it comes as no surprise that Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director, known for his eclectic and innovative nature, would seize this unique moment in history to reverse the traditional fashion perspectives that have ruled the industry for decades. 

Epilogue consists of a 12-hour live stream showing live footage of the Epilogue advertising campaign being shot at Palazzo Sacchetti in Rome, juxtaposed against the graffiti-covered walls of the Campo Boario. Viewers are led down a deforming path, where things are upside down and the gaze is always somewhere else. Throughout this path, the locations that Alessandro Michele chose for the Epilogue ad campaign, shot by photographer Alec Soth and directors Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, echo the striking contrasts that shaped this tale.

Questioning the rules, the roles and the functions that keep the world of fashion spinning, the campaign offers viewers an exciting and rare glimpse at what a Gucci shoot looks like. The livestream was accompanied by an exclusive narrative feature which served as the full collection reveal.

In a surprising move, Michele decided to style out his latest collection for the house on those who designed it, bringing the entire creative process full circle. Though this epilogue may feel like an end, it is only just the beginning.


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